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What we do

We create platforms, books, music and digital tools to encourage and uplift.

This is the time for every man, woman and child to shine their light. Let equip you to spread the Gospel!

Our Projects

Free eBooks

Christian Books for young and old

It’s all about what Jesus Christ did for us – on the cross.

The Message of The Cross for Preschoolers

This book narrows down the Message of the Cross to a story preschoolers can easily understand.

The Message of The Cross for Children and Youth

Thanks to this book, children will have a deeper understanding about Jesus’s mission to teach, heal and save us.

Who is God? Who is Jesus Christ?

This book is a must-have to introduce children and new Believers to Christianity.

The Bina Series

This three book series is about a young African girl who shares with the reader, how to have and maintain a friendship with God.


for the kingdom of GOD

Drop us a line! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us! We would be happy to hear from our visitors and get their thoughts.

If you wanna go fast, walk alone.
If you wanna go far, walk together.

African Proverb

Sharing is caring


By sharing your testimonies you not only plant seeds of hope in the listener,
you also demonstrate that GOD is in the business of making the impossible possible.

JESUS and the Filipino Kids

An amazing Testimony

The Lord had placed in Maria’s heart to write Gospel songs for Filipino children in Tagalog, make videos for each song, put them in DVD format and give the DVDs – free of charge – to kids in the Philippines.

JESUS and the Chinese mafia

An amazing Testimony

In the winter of 2015 Maria flew by herself to Shanghai, China to share the Gospel with prostitutes. For this mission God placed in her heart the perfect plan: disguise Gospel material as Christmas gifts.